19th Sep 2022

Increase The Performance Of A Static Website With Gulp

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When dealing with a static website which has several css and js files, it is necessary to think about minifying those js and css files, and combining those into separate single files respectively, to speed up loading of the website.

Also there is another issue with caching. When You release new version, browser won't load new files, until You go into developer tools, and disable caching. This can be overcome by changing the query string manually for our css, js files as follows in your index.html

This can also be automated using gulp

Demo project

I created a demo project, where Gulp is used to minify and do Cache Busting for release version of site in public folder

This project contains CSS files in ‘css directory’ and JavaScript files in ‘js’ Directory. Other than that we have fonts and images

Install dependencies

For minifying and Cache Busting we are going to use Gulp.js

We also need node installed to run the package

Install Gulp

Installing Gulp CLI. Gulp-cli is required to run glupfile.js file

  npm install --global gulp-cli  

Now let’s CD into our project root, and initialize Node dependency file with

  npm init

Now you have created package.json file, which contains list of dependencies

Install Gulp modules

  npm install --save-dev gulp gulp-if gulp-useref gulp-uglify gulp-clean-css del gulp-cache-bust gulp-string-replace

Then I Created a gulpfile.js file in the project root directory which is where the automation tasks are defined.

  import gulp from 'gulp';
  import gulpif from 'gulp-if';
  import useref from 'gulp-useref';
  import uglify from 'gulp-uglify';
  import minifyCss from 'gulp-clean-css';
  import {deleteAsync} from 'del';
  import cachebust from 'gulp-cache-bust';
  import replace from 'gulp-string-replace';
  import ngAnnotate from 'gulp-ng-annotate';
  gulp.task('delete_all', function() {
    return  deleteAsync([
  gulp.task('minify', function(){
    return gulp.src('index.html')
            .pipe(gulpif('*.js', ngAnnotate()))
            .pipe(gulpif('*.js', uglify()))
            .pipe(gulpif('*.css', minifyCss()))
            .pipe(gulpif('*.css', replace(/url(skins/g, 'url(../Images/skins')))
              type: 'timestamp'
  gulp.task('copy1',async function () {
      return gulp.src('Images/**/*')
  gulp.task('copy2', function () {
    return gulp.src('img/*.*')
  //add more tasks based on necessity
  gulp.task('default', gulp.series('delete_all', 'minify', 'copy1', 'copy2'));

First I need to import the necessary packages

Let’s start defining the automation tasks one by one

The ‘delete_all’ task above is used to delete our previously generated release version of our app if already created

The ‘minify’ task is where we minify and uglify the css and js files respectively and also do ‘cacheBust’ which we mentioned previously and places the resulting files in the ‘public’ directory

In some cases you might have a disorganized file structure, which leads to broken image and font paths which can be solved using ‘gulp-string-replace’ where you can add a regex for the string(url) that you want to be replaced , and your relief string as alternate parameter, which replaces all the circumstances of the string which matches the given regex pattern with your relief string.

Here ‘copy’ tasks is used to copy the remaining files/folders (other than css and js which we have minified above) to the destination folder(public) which will serve as our final build

Final line of the file is where we execute all our task which we defined in the above steps

Changes to project source

Before running Gulp script, we must do some changes in source.

In our index.html file where we have pointed out our css and js file references needs to be modified in the following way.

Css file references should be moved under

And Js file references should be moved under

Everything between those lines will be combined in just one file, release.css and release.js and also will be minified. Those new files will be automatically added as reference by gulp.js

Connect mysql database with nodejs

To create the build version, in the root directory of our project run the command


This will create the build files in our public directory

  [17:23:03] Using gulpfile D:DemoDemogulpfile.js
  [17:23:03] Starting 'default'...
  [17:23:03] Starting 'delete_all'...
  [17:23:03] Finished 'delete_all' after 124 ms
  [17:23:03] Starting 'minify'...
  [17:23:12] Replaced: "url(skins" to "url(../Images/skins" in a file: D:DemoDemocss
  [17:23:12] Replaced: "url(skins" to "url(../Images/skins" in a file: D:DemoDemocss
  [17:23:12] Replaced: "url(skins" to "url(../Images/skins" in a file: D:DemoDemocss
  [17:23:12] Replaced: "url(skins" to "url(../Images/skins" in a file: D:DemoDemocss
  [17:23:12] Replaced: "url(skins" to "url(../Images/skins" in a file: D:DemoDemocss
  [17:23:12] Replaced: "url(skins" to "url(../Images/skins" in a file: D:DemoDemocss
  [17:23:12] Replaced: "url(skins" to "url(../Images/skins" in a file: D:DemoDemocss
  [17:23:12] Replaced: "url(skins" to "url(../Images/skins" in a file: D:DemoDemocss
  [17:23:12] Replaced: "url(skins" to "url(../Images/skins" in a file: D:DemoDemocss
  [17:23:12] Replaced: "url(skins" to "url(../Images/skins" in a file: D:DemoDemocss
  [17:23:12] Replaced: "url(skins" to "url(../Images/skins" in a file: D:DemoDemocss
  [17:23:12] Replaced: "url(skins" to "url(../Images/skins" in a file: D:DemoDemocss
  [17:23:12] Finished 'minify' after 9.05 s
  [17:23:12] Starting 'copy'...
  [17:23:13] Finished 'copy' after 70 ms
  [17:23:13] Starting 'copy1'...
  [17:23:13] Finished 'copy1' after 3.57 ms
  [17:23:13] Starting 'copy2'...
  [17:23:13] Finished 'copy2' after 97 ms
  [17:23:13] Starting 'copy3'...
  [17:23:13] Finished 'copy3' after 640 ms
  [17:23:13] Starting 'copy4'...
  [17:23:13] Finished 'copy4' after 11 ms
  [17:23:13] Starting 'copy5'...
  [17:23:13] Finished 'copy5' after 22 ms
  [17:23:13] Starting 'copy6'...
  [17:23:13] Finished 'copy6' after 40 ms
  [17:23:13] Starting 'copy7'...
  [17:23:13] Finished 'copy7' after 16 ms
  [17:23:13] Starting 'copy8'...
  [17:23:13] Finished 'copy8' after 21 ms
  [17:23:13] Finished 'default' after 10 s

Take a look into generated source in public folder. You will see in index.html, that we have only one js and css file, with time stamp added as query parameter and in release.js you can see that query string is automatically streamlined with the time stamp at the time of running quaff.


Using quaff We created release interpretation of our web point, where all js and css lines are minified and combined into single lines, and where Cache bust is included, to force web browser to load new version.

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