28th Nov 2022

Migrating Web API to .NET Core 6.0 

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To meet up with the growing trends in technology we needed to perform a migration from Web API to .NET Core 6.0 so let’s see the reasons for which we performed the migration and the challenges we faced when doing so.

Migrating to .NET Core 6.0 can offer several benefits, including improved performance, better security, and support for the latest development technologies. Here are the steps involved in migrating to .NET Core 6.0

  • Assess your current application: Before beginning the migration process, assess your current application and identify any potential issues that may arise during the migration. This can include compatibility issues with third-party libraries, outdated code, or unsupported features.
  • Upgrade to .NET 5: If you're currently using an older version of .NET, you'll need to upgrade to .NET 5 before migrating to .NET Core 6.0. This will ensure that your application is compatible with the latest features and technologies.
  • Review the migration guide: Microsoft has released a migration guide for .NET Core 6.0, which outlines the steps involved in migrating your application. Review this guide carefully and follow the recommended steps to ensure a smooth migration process.
  • Update your code: Update your code to take advantage of the latest features and improvements in .NET Core 6.0. This may involve updating your code to use the latest APIs, replacing deprecated features, or optimizing your code for improved performance.
  • Testme your application: Once you've completed the migration process, test your application thoroughly to ensure that it's working as expected. This may involve running automated tests, performing manual testing, and conducting performance testing to identify any potential issues
  • Deploy your application: Once you've tested your application, deploy it to your production environment. This may involve configuring your web server, setting up your database, and deploying any necessary updates or patches.

Core Reason for Migration

We migrated from Web API to .net core for the following reasons listed below,

  • Custom Authorization policy: To improve the security of our API methods individually we need to implement a custom authorization policy which could not be done in Web API but in .NET Core 6.0 it could be implemented with ease.
  • Easier Rate limiting Implementation: Implementing Rate limiting in Web API was a complex task but is much simpler in .net core6.0
  • Adding references: In Web API we need to add a reference of each class library to the main project even if a small change is made in services. Here in .NET Core 6.0 this is not required.
  • Advanced and Latest packages: Not to mention .net core comes with its own set of advanced and latest packages. Which will be useful when the project grows and needs to meet the latest requirements.
  • .NET Core 6.0 is Faster: Last but not least when it comes to backend services response time is crucial factor to consider as it happens .NET Core 6.0 is relatively faster than Web API.

Challenges Faced during migration

Even though migrating from Web API to .NET Core 6.0 has several advantages as mentioned above, it also came with its own set of hindrances. The following are some of the core issues we faced during the migration and the solutions we came up with through rigorous research and several trial and errors,

  • Connecting to SQL server Through different Library: Previously in Web API we used Data.Entity to connect to the SQL server, whereas it turns out that we need to use Entity Framework Core to accomplish the task in .NET Core 6.0.
  • Database Connections: Our project uses CTE queries which are not supported by Entity Framework Core. To overcome that issue we created a file which users System.Data.Entity library

Thus, Migrating to .NET Core 6.0 from Web API required time and effort nonetheless worthwhile due to the advantages offered by it. Also, it is not always one sided we also needed to let go of certain libraries such as Owin token generator etc.


In conclusion, migrating to .NET Core 6.0 can offer several benefits for your application, including improved performance, better security, and support for the latest development technologies. By following these steps, We ensured a smooth migration process for vsEcom application and take advantage of the latest features and improvements in .NET Core 6.0.  

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