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    $30,000 increase in revenue per month
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    30 to 50X ROI by using Tapps-Pay
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    Loans get approved in 2 minutes by multiple lenders.


  • check-mark Jeff is a mechanical engineer and the owner of three stores in Dyersburg, Tennessee. He ideated a new revolutionary financing and payment plan app, which was implemented end-to-end by VS Online Services. He is also the founding partner of the Best Practise University. Client initially addressed his customer pain point by filling out credit applications for his customers. Many times, he would fill out 6, 7, or 8 applications for one customer. It was a daunting process!
  • check-mark His initial problem was addressed using a single desktop application that supported Windows alone and was used only in 1 of his systems in his store. But the change that happened due to this application in this store is so huge.
  • check-mark So after seeing the ROI and growth using the Windows application developed for his store by VS Online Services, Jeff wanted to take this tool to other retail stores, so what started as a very small single store Windows application, later changed to one of the best in class tech solutions with SaaS cloud platform Tapps-Pay.


  • tick Improve the efficiency as much as possible and reduce the time required for the loan process, including filling out the form, with an automated process.
  • tick Validation of data
  • tick Not every lender has the API ready so that we can use it. Each lender has their own system and process; some lenders even have a tie-up with a certain Windows app, which alone can send the request to their server.
  • tick Automation in Server for any non-availability of developer or system
  • tick Notification features in web applications are used for displaying the status of the submitted forms.
  • tick Retail stores can set their own themes and modify certain sections.


Web application to increase the approval rate with the average customer receiving credit while they are in the store, and Tapps empowers businesses to increase the overall number of people applying for financing and achieve a much higher rate of approval for these applicants. Tapps Pay is an easy-to-use tool for the sales team to get customers set up with a payment plan as quickly and efficiently as possible!

  • check-mark Minimal waiting time for loan approval
  • check-mark Location based loan submission
  • check-mark Generate monthly reports for admin regarding their loan approvals
  • check-mark Customized form based on customers employment details
  • check-mark Custom Schedulers to ensure smooth submissions


  • tick We developed a responsive web application with forms to fill in the customer information manually or using the barcode of the driving licence when customers apply for the loan, so basic information is updated and other information like address and employer information is updated as quickly as possible. Customers can get a unique link via SMS for submitting their form themselves.
  • tick Registration and subscription for any company and their locations. Location-based admin and manager access to each store. Each store can update its own logo and can also include this form on their existing website as a widget.
  • tick Address verification was done using Xverify and some of the lenders onboarded to the platform were Acima, American First, Okinus, WestCreek, ProgressiveLeasing, FirstFranklin, CFNA, GoodYear, Heights, and Easy Pay.
  • tick One of the best reporting modules, with no competition for the product. In fact, one of the similar businesses onboarded the Tapps platform and used the UI and reports of Tapps.
  • tick Provided pre-built themes and customization options for themes for each store.
  • tick We developed a console application so that it handles any failure and restarts the required modules, with various conditions on any fallback cases.




This new game changer idea by Jeff with the simple, powerful, and effective Taps-Pay app helped a lot of businesses change the way they were handling retail credit, which resulted in simplification, speed of operations, efficiency, and growth.

In March and April of the year, his service advisors produced $644,370 of what he calls open to buy credit for his customers. That’s over $100,000 per store, per month. This is typical of dealers nationwide.

Users can create and submit loan applications to multiple lenders. When the concept of "BNPL" is huge, think about BNPL approval by multiple lenders within 2 minutes with our strong tech solution.

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