Hotel Booking using Rewards


  • tick We made a Hotel Booking application for the leading Rewards provider in the health club industry
  • tick 6 Million members using this application across the world
  • tick 2100+ Clients
  • tick Scalable, Customized Member Engagement Solutions
  • tick Award System with Provision for booking Top Hotels & Resorts Around the World with 10 % to 65% discount


Arizona based USA Client Barry Kress from Kress Designs and his partner Travis Helm from StrategyOne Solutions were launching a rewards application and had a specific requirement to use their reward points for booking hotels anywhere in the world. One of the applications is booking hotel/resorts and there are other ways members can be awarded by any business.



  • tick Approval from Tourico Holidays (HotelBeds) is one of the primary challenge as to launch in production, application need to undergo all certification by TouricoHolidays which includes whitelisting IPs and more process.
  • tick Integrating with the rewards points and calculating the discount price based on the discount matrix
  • tick All features same as Booking.Com application was included in this application as well.


To design, develop, and get approval from Tourico Holidays in both staging and production for

  • tick Include all features from Searching Hotels, Number of Guests/ Child / type of room, breakfast preference
  • tick Check-in and Check-out date
  • img Booking option along with Cancellation , Payment option
  • tick Sorting the hotel results with stars and reviews
  • tick Search and Filter functionality
  • tick Calculate the discount and allow payment.


VS Online Services team designed and developed a secured solution as per client requirement in a shorter time, which ensured this platform complements Loyalty, Rewards, Retention, Referrals and Member Engagement.

The solutions are designed to acquire new members, maximize referrals, positively impact member retention, and grow your business.(Retain , Acquire and Grow) by Implementing .

  • tick Process of Creating and Modifying Reservations
  • tick Rates & Availability
  • tick Acknowledging Reservations
  • tick Retrieving modified or canceled reservations
  • tick Calculations based on pricing per guest or pricing types
  • tick Maximum occupancy, stay duration
  • tick Display Review and Star information, Rating by the users




The application was used by renowned clubs and fitness centers after we Completed Hotel Pre-Production Test with Tourico Holidays (now HotelBeds) like perkville, merittclubs, daxko. Members save up to 65% on world-renowned brands like Hilton, Hyatt, and Wyndham.

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