Successfully implemented IoT Device Management & Workflow


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    Cloud enabled API Integration & Admin Application for Mission-critical Edge AI App
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    Possible to Configure Customized Workflow for each device and each user
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    Preview Workflow data in both Web Application in internet and Desktop Application in Intranet
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    Cross Platform Desktop client to work in any OS act as Keyboard Wedge to throw the Edge AI data directly to end user software
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    More than 1 Million Transactional Data was processed in February 2023


Innovative vision-based edge AI IoT application was developed by our client after 3 years of Research, and they want to integrate the product with a subscription-based cloud solution, along with custom workflow, various analytics and device management, with a facility to integrate with various Warehouse Management Software, Transport Management System and Shipping Software Solutions


  • tick This innovative edge AI measuring application company wanted to focus on their core modules and was looking for partners for the cloud api solution. They want to work with a technically competitive team, as engineering is their core. The launch of the product is planned and the entire end to end understanding, completion was expected within a very short time.
  • tick This was the first engagement for the company to work with a vendor for software development. Also, the client requires a custom development due to workflow management, device management according to their needs and so, ready-made device Management solution like AWS IoT Device Management was not useful for their scenario.


Edge-Cloud Systems for access to data from anywhere with managing Product, Device Management. Software Upgrade, Report Generation, User Management, Dealers/Partner Management and Handling Diagnostic data

The most important modules for User / Customer

  • check-mark Workflow Design, Provisioning, Preview, Ordering, Report Generation and Device Management Modules, Preview Workflow Data
  • check-mark Ability to access the data using REST API exposed at the server
  • check-mark Provision for Users to create, modify or delete webhooks to get the IoT device data received at their cloud server.
  • check-mark Provision for Users to choose the various ways the data can be captured along with the factory default workflow based on the ways to capture the data.

Also, further to the cloud phase of development, the solution for desktop applications to pull information from the cloud anytime and manage the Devices without any internet is also provisioned.


  • tick Proposed solution with customizable workflow in no SQL database and other device, user management in MySQL. Also, workflow custom implementation for workflow design. The Workflow components have been implemented with validation criteria, so anyone can easily create custom workflow without errors.
  • tick Automated API Key generator per customer to authenticate REST API calls for getting the data anytime, and webhook implementation with separate validation token/key for the customer cloud server or any software to get real time data
  • tick The Desktop Client application, Keyboard wedge acts as a virtual HID device and throws out data to the cursor and Web Socket Communication to connect the desktop application and Cloud API with cloud to cloud hooking of data in real time.
  • tick Production implementation is our client’s technical team responsibility. Also the client ensured 100% code quality through various code reviews, feedback to our team being an esteemed engineering organization.


React js


  • tick Our Client Launched the product along with Cloud API, Workflow and Device Management on time in June 2022
  • tick Continuous Development, Maintenance and Support by our VS Online Services Development Team for more than 1.5 years in subsequent phases
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    More than 1 Million Transactional Data was processed for the month of February 2023 as per client’s update
  • tick Customized implementation using Docker was done for one of the enterprise client for this product, with specific requirements

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