Real Estate Mentor


  • tick Agent Friendly CRM app for Real Estate Agents in USA
  • tick Includes training and tutorials through podcasts, books, audio, video, and blogs.
  • tick Network Engagement Module: A Bridge between the "Lead Generation" and "Sphere of Influence" (SOI)
  • tick To build a thriving client base that runs on referrals and repeat business.


Debbie Remington, CEO of Remington Team Realty, says her objective is to help every agent be successful in lead generation and sales closure for any real estate deal. She wants the agents to use the same success formula by staying focused, repeatedly doing the network engagement, and tracking their progress through task management.



  • tick The knowledge of Remington Team Realty and their service-driven experience have made them one of the preferred real estate agencies in Texas, USA, and their team wants to make every agent successful. They need a world-class technology platform to do this by providing agents with powerful lead generation tools and an incredible task management system.
  • tick To have a client or customer call and try to recall the contents of the last conversation, weeks or months later.
  • tick Track a pipeline of active buyers and sellers while juggling every other aspect of the job.
  • tick Reminders and alerts to help with day-to-day tasks


To design and develop the most user-friendly, quick, and quality network engagement solution, focusing on

  • check-mark At least two hours a day on proven lead generation activities
  • check-mark Unique platform that focus on referrals and repeat business
  • check-mark Activities that can be tracked with various level to achieve every week
    • bullet-point Some of the activities include, handwritten notes, phone calls, text messages, video text, Face to Face Videos, Social Media Posts, Business posts, Client Gifts, Charity Donation. You can set each engagement activity with predefined target for a week
  • bullet-point Tracking all Contacts for lead conversion and pipeline


  • Sivakumar Anirudhan and his VS Online Services Team developed a cloud-based Android and iOS application so that every agent can use this application for
    • tick Daily tasks reminders
    • tick Pipeline tracker with deadline alarms
    • tick Contact log with rapid notes recall
    • tick SOI follow-up alarms and reminders
    • tick Proven effective lead generation activities
    • tick Schedule alerts, reminders and alarms as push notifications
  • Badges section, to track each and every network engagement activity from the 24 predefined activities and custom activities that can be defined by the user. Every agent badge level is updated every week.
  • Update all contacts in the app with cache so that contact information retrieval will be quicker. Follow-up information that is logged in and reschedule those follow-up call details. Various view preferences for the user when using the app.
  • Modules include training, tutorials through podcasts, books, audio, video, and blogs.
  • The admin dashboard had modules for managing users, extending trials, subscription details, reports, and analytics, and admin could update the training material.




By release of the application, Debbie prepared a Paperback Book in Business & Finance Category “The Real Estate Mentor '', available in kindle and amazon. The training program that has resulted in hundreds of millions of sales and created top producing agents whose lives have been forever changed by real estate

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