Quote Management Software


  • tick Automated quote management software for India's leading investment banking and asset management company, with PAN India presence d
  • tick Approved by India’s market regulator
  • tick Used by the most valuable individuals or investment agencies
  • tick Top brokerage firms use this platform for submitting very high-value investment quotes.
  • tick One of the most valuable business-critical applications for clients
  • tick Each quote request will have its own unique set of rules.


  • check-mark The oldest continuously managed diversified financial and consulting houses in India discussed with us one of their most challenging requirements, which many couldn’t understand. Based on the requirement from the client, VS Online Services designed, developed, and maintained three months of support after production.
  • check-mark The client had an existing system that was only used for some of the purposes by their internal team and wanted to replace it because the existing system was not serving the purpose, had huge bugs, and did not fully satisfy business requirements. We didn’t have access to the existing system.
  • check-mark Most processes were manually done by the investment banking firm, resulting in a lot of process issues and delays, and clients couldn’t track the flow properly as there was no provision for even clients in existing systems directly, and several other software development agencies couldn’t understand the requirement and provide the solution.
  • check-mark User Roles in the application
    • bullet-point Admin
    • bullet-point Investor
    • bullet-point Corporate Secretary (Individual / Company)
    • bullet-point Broker
  • check-mark Web application designed, developed, and maintained so that the clients can invite brokers and shortlist them for specific investment purposes, and the brokers can submit their quotes moderated by CS with various levels of competence and act on behalf of the client with permission set by the client. Each quote request will have its own unique set of rules. The specific notification and listing feature was a major highlight, as it was innovative and unique.

Problem Faced

  • tick Understanding the business knowledge and complexity involved in the workflow process, with various minor details required
  • tick Automated verification and validation for any upload or download of data
  • tick Allow CS role users to perform any activity on behalf of the client, based on permissions set only by the client.
  • tick Administrators have superpowers to manage users and monitor them at any time.
  • tick Assigning CS to particular Brokerage Company


To design and develop the most user-friendly web application for investors to invite brokers and shortlist them for specific investment purposes, and the brokers can submit their quotes moderated to seamlessly manage the end-to-end process of the quote management system.

  • check-mark Legacy Internally used systems to be replaced with new system
  • check-mark Extensive Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing ( VAPT) done by external agency
  • check-mark Submission to the market regulator for approval of the system
  • check-mark Investors will have full control of data and can decide the permission level of that data.
  • check-mark Admin has all access to the system, so he can assign brokers and CS.
  • check-mark Report Generation for Investors, Broker and CS
  • check-mark Archive settings for data older than the specified time limit by the investor and pre-set by the system based on various criteria
  • check-mark Setting Rules for Each Quote Request


  • tick Provision for attaching a file while requesting for Quotes with proper automation in verification of the file
  • tick Allow clients to grant or revoke access to the CS team at any point in time. When they revoke the same, client data for that particular client should be disabled for the CS team.
  • tick Anytime, the client can control the data that can be viewed by certain users or firms.
  • tick Full privileges to admin to manage users anytime with immediate effect, without affecting the data.
  • tick Admin can add company and create users for that company
  • tick We provided all our suggestion and queries to enhance usability of the application
  • tick Email integration and a log of each activity are performed by the users in the system to ensure guidance on each step.
  • tick Provision for cut-off time in the list of notification




  • tick After deployment and three months of maintenance, only the client’s server team is handling the backup of data and server maintenance.
  • tick Application running smoothly helping various Brokerage firms, Investors & Client for more than 3.5+ years as of 2023 February.
  • tick Manual validation of documents was replaced by the system, increasing the efficiency of the team.
  • tick The leadership of the oldest investment banking firm is retained due to the technical competence of the application, which served as a selling point.
  • tick Clients never needed to hire a developer for maintenance due to our "robust" solution.

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