Custom ERP Solution


  • tick Tracking Scheduled maintenance of equipment
  • tick Scheduler to remind Engineers of upcoming maintenance
  • tick Tracking Unplanned maintenance of equipment
  • tick Multiple location support


  • check-mark Regular maintenance is required for sustaining reliable performance of instruments and machinery, safety, energy efficiency, regulatory compliance, and warranty coverage. Clients have the SAP ERP system but didn’t have a module to associate maintenance with the equipment. We developed a custom software that helps them track maintenance which needs to be done to their equipment.
  • check-mark This application is used by the engineers on site in different locations. They will be mailed regarding the scheduled maintenance few days before


  • tick Details of Maintenance should not be shared across different locations
  • tick Remind Managers and Engineers of the Scheduled maintenance


To design a user friendly web application which will be used by both technical team(Managers and Engineers) and also non-technical team(Site technicians) to manage and perform scheduled maintenance and ensure that all machines are running at their maximum efficiency.

  • check-mark Collect details of the equipment based on the location
  • check-mark Add a maintenance schedule in the system
  • check-mark Update the status after maintenance is performed.
  • check-mark Site engineers and technician's user management.
  • check-mark Update details for unplanned maintenance.
  • check-mark Generate reports for monthly maintenance.
  • check-mark Calibration details of each piece of equipment to maintain accuracy, standardization, and repeatability in measurements


  • tick We designed a simple and attractive UI within a week and got their approval. Admins and Engineers can upload details of their equipment. Bulk uploading also was supported via excel sheet. They can also update details of their scheduled maintenance, mails will be sent to relevant Engineers few days before the maintenance (this is configurable). Calibration information for the equipment can also be updated by the Manager and Engineers
  • tick An interactive dashboard was designed so that the users could quickly grasp their status in terms of upcoming maintenance, total equipment, etc. A report can also be generated to find out what maintenance was missed or completed.
  • tick Only Admin of the application can view equipment across all locations




Their maintenance team were successfully able to switch from manual process to this application in a month and were transformed digitally. Report required for the Government Officials is generated from the application.

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