Smart Call


  • tick Used by 100+ Field Collection Agents
  • tick Tracking the history of payments from a specific customer
  • tick Multiple locations across Egypt, Israel, and Palestine
  • tick Multi-language support for the mobile app and web application
  • tick Automated daily call and manual update of daily call by back office team using backend web application


  • check-mark Michel Salah from Israel was in need of a smart call solution for their field collection agent. The smart call app will be used by the collection agent, who gets the list of payments due for the specific day and alerts for overdue payments in each region for the follow-up of their specific overdue clients.
  • check-mark They can Whatsapp, call, or even send an SMS from this application to their customers prior to their visit about their overdue loan payments and remind clients allotted to them by their respective coordinators from the office.


  • tick Integration of the sales data with the smart call app API
  • tick Provision for updating ayment status by the collection agent or backend coordinator Also, monitor the calling status before visiting the customer in each region.


To design and develop the most user-friendly, quick, and quality mobile and web apps for collection agents and their coordinators to seamlessly manage the end-to-end process of payment collection, The app should connect to the backend sales database based on the location of the collection agent.

  • check-mark Track the Paid or Unpaid Status of the Customer
  • check-mark Provision for updating Payment Status with Paid, Call Status, Visit Status of the Customer, or Work
  • check-mark Reschedule option for both collection agent and co-ordinator
  • check-mark Getting the daily schedule list for the collection agent
  • check-mark Multilingual support


  • tick API integration with the existing sales data is retrieved for the necessary details alone. For all the sales data and customer data, the existing database is used, and for the collection agent login, tracking, generating reports, and list of activities of the application, a separate database is maintained.
  • tick Updating sales data has an additional approval flow so that all payments are validated and then included in the backend sales database. The agents can use either WhatsApp, SMS, or phone calls before visiting the customer. Also, the system has the option to use more than one WhatsApp number to reach out to the customer by the co-ordinator or collection agent.




The application was delivered in August 2018, and their sales agents started using it in September in both mobile and web applications that were used by their backend teams. This digital transformation helped the client with their business simplification, speed of operations, efficiency, and growth.

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