FilterQueen Sales CRM


  • tick Tracking End to End LOC (Lead to Opportunities to Closure) Sales cycle
  • tick 1000+ Sales Agents and 100+ distributors
  • tick Multiple locations across Egypt, Israel and Palestine
  • tick Multiple Language support for the Mobile App and Web Application
  • tick Daily Call Schedule for the Telemarketer


On behalf of Filterqueen, Michel Salah approached us to develop a sales CRM for their sales team with all basic CRM functionalities in mobile as well as a web application. This will only be used within their team and not be publicly available. He evaluated many existing ready-made CRMs and felt they were too complex for their sales team, and for each customization, it was going to be more costly than a custom CRM for his distributed sales team, which should be the most simple from a usability perspective but have different functionalities with various user roles.

  • check-mark Admin
  • check-mark Distributor
  • check-mark Salesman
  • check-mark Telemarketer

Problem Faced

  • tick Data should not be shared across locations. bullet-point Data should be accessible from the user's own location.
  • tick Arabic support should be done, and the font type when using Arabic should be changed to Arial Arabic. font type for Arabic: Arial Arabic, and translation file provided by client
  • tick Only sample data is used, as the real user data cannot be shared due to the data policy.


To design and develop the most user-friendly, quick, and quality CRM mobile app and web app for distributors, telemarketers, and the sales team, and to seamlessly manage the end-to-end process of the sales life cycle. The app should connect to the backend SQL database based on the location of the user, with the following features:

  • check-mark Multiple User roles having different access to the subset of data
  • check-mark Efficient Search and Filter functionality
  • check-mark Distributor access for adding leads
  • check-mark Provision for Adding Salesman
  • check-mark Provision for adding Prospect/Customer with
    • bullet-point Lead Source and track all stages of the CRM
    • bullet-point Segregated by lead type and lead
    • bullet-point Reschedule the Customer for the Telemarketer
  • check-mark Provision to Qualify / Disqualify a lead
  • check-mark Getting Daily Schedule List for Telemarketers
  • check-mark Provision for managing SM and TM by their respective Distributor


  • tick We designed a UI for them in the first week and got approval for the simplest UI including a login screen. Bulk upload of data was suggested by us, and we implemented the same solution, with an uniform template across the app
  • tick Each location has a different collection of data (Location specific Multiple Database), where when a login was done the selection of location was made mandatory for accessing the data of the particular location only. We provided a proper document, so after initial deployment Client’s team can configure and use it for any updates.
  • tick We developed in a way a client can update relevant Arabic words into the platform and any language can be supported and also client suggested using Arial Arabic only for Arabic language selection, which was provided as the default option when switching language support.




The application was delivered by Nov 2019 and Distributors and Sales team of Filterqueen started using the application in both mobile and web for tracking End to End LOC (Lead to Opportunities to Closure) Sales cycle, and this digital transformation helped the client with their business simplification, speed of operations, efficiency and growth.

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